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Newer HTC Phones to Come with a Locked Bootloader & an Official Unlock


HTC has said that all HTC phones to be launched in the Future will come with a Locked Bootloader but they will also provide the user Web based Tools so that will generate a code which when inputed in the Phone will unlock the Bootloader so you can easily Root and customize the Phone.

This a very good deal for everyone, the one who wants to root can root it on it’s own risk while those who have nothing to do with rooting have nothing to worry about, like win win situation for all.

Since we announced the opening of bootloader, many of you have asked about the process for implementing the open bootloader how and why HTC continues to release products that are still locked bootloader in recent times. Please you rest assured, we are trying to achieve the objective of launching the first software update in August to support open bootloader for the HTC Sensation worldwide.

Opening the bootloader will allow increased control and editing equipment so it may cause some problems on experience, performance and security of the machine, so the next product we offer launch a new bootloader is locked, but we still support customers wishing to open bootloader via a web-based tools.

This tool works like?

To use the web-based tool, customers must register based on their real email address and accept the terms relating to the refusal to guarantee part or all of the equipment by the Open bootloader can cause. Then you connect your phone to the computer with software pre-loaded Android SDK for device identification. Then you can use this web tool to get unlock code via email. Finally, type the code on the telephone to complete the unlock bootloader on it.

We are excited to unlock the bootloader, especially for the programmers and the customers are enthusiastic, and we hope that this web tool will meet the needs of you and continue to bring the you the best experience on the HTC.

Please thank the community, who have continuously supported us in supporting these efforts!

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