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Next Google Nexus Tablet A 200$ Quad Core Tablet?

TG - AsusNexus

Google is supposedly working with Asus on a Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3 Tablet  and plan to introduce it under the 200$ price range. While most of the rumors point towards a Quad Core tablet, other point towards a Dual Core tablet to manage the cost effectiveness.

The Nexus tablet seems like an attempt to take on the low cost tablet section of the Market that begun with the Kindle fire. India has many such cheap single, dual and tri core tablets that start from Rs. 8,000.

Apple Recent launched the “New iPad” with Dual Core A5X processor and Quad Core Graphics which has had 3 Million Sales in just 3 Days excluding the pre-orders and the iPad 2 is still Available and going good. So it will not be easy to break in to Apple’s share as Apple still controls over 90% of the world tablet share.

There’s no doubt a Google-branded tablet at sub-$200 price point would appeal to the consumer – at least initially. But producing quality for that sort of price is extremely difficult, and one suspects that once consumers tested out the device, it would join the many other also-ran Android tablets in what is becoming a familiar, demoralizing trend.