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Nexus S Unassembled piece by Piece, Curved display is not so curved actually

Nexus S iFixThe Guys at iFixit have an Habit of taking apart phones Piece by and then posting a DIY(Do it yourself) Guide. But before we give away the ending, here’s something else that’s interesting – the NFC module in the Google Nexus S is attached to the back cover.

Now for the plot twist. The “curved glass display” of the Nexus S isn’t quite what it sounds like – the glass is curved, the rest of the display isn’t. The SuperAMOLED unit below is as flat as it is in the Galaxy S.

Nexus S iFix display

Still, the curved glass and the screen are fused together, so both will have to be replaced in case you break the front glass. Still, the Nexus S scored a strong 7 out of 10 in iFixit’s Repairability Score.