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Nokia Admits they Screwed up in the N8 – Again!!!

Nokia-N8 power issue

When finally we  were about to think  Nokia may choose the crappiest OS to run in their  high end phone, they me put a specs that are outdated in an expensive phone but at least that outdate crap will be the best in  it’s class, but I guess we were wrong.  Niklas Savander, executive vice president for markets at Nokia, took to the company’s website yesterday to inform Nokia fans that a “limited number” of N8s are not powering up or down properly.

“We have traced it down to the way we assemble the engines, we have as a precautionary measure taken immediate action across the product line,” – Mr. Savande


I guess that is why one of the Execs told in an Interview that she uses the iPhone …lol. Mr. Savande also added that there is no way to find out if you have the problem or not and though the warranty will take care of you, but still you have to depend on luck that it doesn’t happen to you though.