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Nokia Coming Out with a N8 Killer in 2011 Code Name – Aura

If you were impressed with the Nokia N8 and thought this is the best phone ever (really?!) then get ready to be blown away (if you are a nokia Fan and havn’t seen iOS or Android.

Let’s cut to the chase. Nokia’s MeeGo platform is off to a shaky start, but ultimately the success of a software platform in today’s market depends on top-notch hardware paired with a platform that boasts hoards of developers. While the second requirement remains to be seen, this Nokia Aura MeeGo concept phone delivers on the promise of top-notch hardware.


Tucked away in this sexy concept is a 4-inch touchscreen display with a 12-megapixel camera, Xenon flash and HDMI output. Cased in a full aluminum body with dedicated volume, keylock and camera buttons, the Nokia Aura looks to be a beefed up Nokia N8 at first glance.

Now if Nokia really wants to do something good, and make some front page news they should pull up their socks pick up their butts and get to work because the way technology is advancing these days this phone could be be outdated soon, and Nokia has a habit of outdated phones at launch.

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