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Nokia Doesn’t think N9 will Sell in America but will in UK


The World Wide release date for the N9 was earlier set for 23rd Sept 2011, but it seems that the first and Last Meego device will not shipping to the US and rest of the world release look a little dodgy as well. Recently Apple took the Number One Spot as the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer Followed By Samsung at the Second Spot pushing Nokia down to the Third Position. Nokia had held the number one spot for 15 Years and now its struggling to set foot on a Stable Ground rather than just going into a steep fall.

“After the very positive reception to the launch of the Nokia N9, the product is now being rolled out in countries around the world. At this time we will not be making it available in the US. Nokia takes a market by market approach to product rollout, and each country makes its own decisions about which products to introduce from those available. Decisions are based on an assessment of existing and upcoming products that make up Nokia’s extensive product portfolio and the best way in which to address local market opportunities.”


Nokia say their decision to release a product is based on assessments of upcoming and existing products in the same market; this is so as to optimize their sales one must presume. The device has begun rolling out across many countries and is expected to also release in the UK. According to The Inquirer however, the company is still yet to confirm a date, though a statement disregarding a UK release has not been received as there was in the US.

Nokia has clearly stated that looking at the dominance of iPhone and Android in the US it’s no use spending it’s resources in the hopeless direction when there is are Loyal Nokia Customers for example in India where Nokia still hold the Number one spot and iPhone is no where in the Picture.

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