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Nokia Plans to Defeat Android & Apple With Cheaper WP7 Phones


One fine day it finally hit the Decision makers in Nokia in the Head and they suddenly realized that Symbian is outdated  and they need to move on (This Happened Around the Time N8 and E7 was Launched) and they announced that end of Symbian is here and they don’t see much future in the Intel‘s Meego OS (Yet They Made the N9 and Said things that hamper the sale) so they will be launching Windows Phone 7 as their Primary OS.

As you cell phone fanatics will know, Microsoft strictly controls what screen sizes, processor types and other hardware configurations can be used in Windows Phone 7 devices. While these strict controls make for good phones with a good user experience, it doesn’t give the manufacturers a lot of leeway in getting the cost of the phones down. It’s already been rumored by the phone blogrumor circuit that Microsoft will be giving Nokia special permission to create less powerful (and less expensive) phones in order to market to the low-end phone crowd that would be buying featurephones.

Weber also has other plans for Nokia’s Windows Phones in the United States. He wants to get them good placement in stores, and he also wants the store clerks at these Verizon and AT&T stores to be carrying themselves.

Remember, when the Motorola DROID started Androidmania, it was more than just Android 2.0 that captured everyone’s attention. The DROID was a square slab of a phone that looked and felt like a tank. Plus it was followed by extensive marketing by Verizon and Motorola. Most importantly, it really had a unique look at the time which grabbed those who were looking for the anti-iPhone and found it in the Motorola DROID, which was the Reason that Motorola Came back from the dead and Android’s Success.

But can Nokia follow the same formula of success with it’s windows Phone 7  line up. Now, Nokia is looking for the Anti-Android, Anti-iPhone and Anti-Blackberry users in other words people who have Symbian phones or Fixed Line. What I meant to say was if you didn’t get Sarcasm that it will not be easy for them to stage a come back.