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Nokia Push Mail Banned not Blackberry even after CEO Insults India

Nokia Banned

Nokia Launched it so called business phone E7 in India with some pretty expensive Marketting with Shahrukh Khan as its brand ambassador, but all that money spent on promotion and marketing the product did not impress the Department of Telecommunications (May be because they bribed lesser than SRK’s fees), because they have decided that Nokia PushMail or powermail service should be blocked till it put in place a legal monitoring system.

“In view of the Intelligence Bureau’s report, Department of Telecommunications is requested to advice the Telecom Service Providers not to launch Nokia’s proposed pushmail/powermail service without putting in place monitoring facilities to the satisfaction of the LEAs,” Ministry of Home Affairs said in a communication to Department of Telecom.

Nearly 50 per cent of Nokia’s E Series (so called)business phones sold in the country get activated for e-mails.

The telecom department and the IT ministry have been asked by the home ministry to ring in the necessary changes in the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885, the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2007, the Rules under Telegraph & IT Acts to ensure operator compliance with the demands of the security agencies.

Once the necessary amendments come, it will be mandatory for telecom service providers to have the systems in place to deliver authorised intercepts based on telephone numbers, device identity, email IDs, IP addresses or keywords to the national security agencies on real-time basis.


Its Has been More than an year since India has been in talks with Research in Motion (RIM) makers of Blackberry handsets and giving them deadlines. The Last Deadline was 31-March-2011 which was TWO WEEKS ago but still no official reply though RIM CEO has given an indirect reply during an interview with a BBC corespondent where he Insulted India, and said that there is no security issue and they(RIM) are being targeted because They(Indians) are Jealous because they are so successful.

Though we are not very fond of the Nokia’s high-end range phone and their bad choice of operating system and we do disagree with Nokia’s Definition of business phone when it doesn’t even have the basic features to be called a business phone but that is story for a different time, you get the point we are not Nokia Fans, but we still believe that what DoT did was biased and though it was good decision to Ban Nokia’s push mail services for security reasons it’s wrong to give so much grace period to blackberry.

Maybe the India Government has Forgotten it wasn’t Nokia devices the terrorist who Killed lot of people, used to communicate with their associates on the outside and Pakistan it was the Blackberry Devices  and Blackberry’s pushmail and Blackberry messenger Services what they used to carry on the Attacks.

Now that the RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis has made his intentions clear, I wonder what the DoT official are waiting for? More money from RIM for another Grace period or Money from Nokia to lift their ban. Either what I have learn’t is Money is greater than lives. I hope to be proved wrong!!!