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Nokia setting up base in India to let Monitor Email

Nokia-LogoA very famous Canadian Enterprise known as the RIM (Research In Motion) has been in the news for  some bad reasons. For those of you who don’t know, Blackberry Email service encrypts the email and hence the communication can not be monitored between blackberry to blackberry. That was a cause of concern for many countries, as that could easily assist the terrorist as well it did the Blackberry Boys….

Nokia’s move follows government concerns about Canada-based Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry corporate email and messaging services. India wants to monitor RIM’s corporate email and messenger services, fearing BlackBerry’s heavy encryption makes the smartphones convenient for terrorists to use without being monitored.

Nokia has already informed the government about setting up the servers, the company said. “However, we have a strict process in place which must be followed before providing any specific information that may have been lawfully requested from us,” it added.

The tool doesn’t have the functionality to intercept email contents on a real-time basis or trace the location of a mobile phone, the company said.

“It can only facilitate in identifying the mobile identity, which an operator can use in determining a location.”

As an Indian I know our government is not capable of making any firm decision and then stand by it, they believe in procrastinating the job till the time people give up on their follow up or they forget it. Hence we always know blackberry service in India was never in Danger until it saw a world wide protest for ban. But it’s good to see Nokia keeping  up with it’s duties.