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Nokia Shows of Pink N8 in Funny Creepy Naked Doll Video

18+ Pink N8
Few Days ago Nokia presented the Pink N8, and then they announced that they will have to lowering their the Q2 output due to the Increase in Demand of Androids and iPhone around the World. But They felt this wasn’t shocking enough they made a minute video of Creepy Headless Dolls dancing naked with Nokia Tattoo all over their body. And you thought Sony ads were weird. I kid you not I had nightmares like this when I was kid and now I will be mentally scared for life!!! 😉

As you can see, the video is creepily interesting. You don’t see much of the phone itself as you’d want to meaning this is all just viral marketing and Nokia’s attempt at keeping the interest in the N8 going after the Experts Termed as the “Non-Smart-Camera-Phone” and the Androids and iPhones even took over on the Nokia’s Home land. But we think they should spend more time focusing on showcasing the upcoming Anna update for the N8 instead of dolls doing unspeakable things with it while Sugababes play in the background (admittedly that’s the least offensive part of the video).

Just in case you were wondering how did they manage to make this video then you are in lock because they even made a ‘Making of’ video as well.  Warning in the End these FrankenDolls come to life and kill all the makers of the Video and if you watch it something regular may happen to you next… Beware!!!!