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Nokia Taking Cheap Shots at Apple on White iPhone 4 unavailibility

We all know when you get your name associated with apple or the iPhone you get famous  (eg. The Gizmodo Story), Apple iPhone 4 has sold 14.1 Mil iphone 4’s since it’s launch and it sold 0.6Million phones the very first week it was lanunched. Nokia on the other other hand isn’t that great with the N8, so it decided to do a little Research…

When the Motorola Droid (known has the milestone in rest of the world) was launched it taunted apple with the “iDon’t” commercials making fun of the fact that it cant to multitasking, (before iPhone4). Motorola Droid was a sensational hit,  This was the phone that brought Motorola back from the dead and put Android on the map.

So Nokia say the Motorola’s Game Plan and  decided to do the same, but they knew that iOS is way way better than the Symbian and also hardware wise N8 os nothing in front of the iDevice. Now the recent problem for which Apple iPhone 4 is in the news is the supply related issues of the white iPhone 4.Here is what nokia had to say on twitter to get some cheap publicity.


The Best part is about the is Nokia’s N8 is not available in white colour and they have been following iphone 4 closely and that people want this phone and have been eagerly waiting for it.