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Nokia’s QUAD speaker Phone X7-00 Leaks – Running Symbian 3

Nokia X7-00 is the next device to join the Symbian^3 gang. A leaked video shows a touch-based device with four speakers and similar hardware and software like the C7.

Additional information can be unearthed from the Czech forum, which is the source behind the leak. It seems that the Nokia X7-00 processor, graphics and RAM is the same as those of N8.

As you can see Nokia X7-00 also has the similar measurements and screen size, but again the camera department is less than stellar – a fixed-focus 8 megapixel camera plus a dual-LED flash. It’s unclear whether the screen will be a ClearBlack AMOLED or the AMOLED used in C7.


I guess it will be just like the n8 with some looks changed that’s all, or maybe Nokia has done it again, they have actually improved this phone over N8 by giving it a better screen resolution, display and a better CPU and Ram. If this happens we wont be surprised by the fact that first nokia launched a Outdated phone then declared it outdated by launching this phone so soon. Anyway, the most interesting thing about the X7-00 is the four speakers it’s got one in each corner.