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Nokia’s WP7 Mango Prototype SeaRay Leaks on a Video

In the beginning of the Year Nokia announced that they have joined hands with Microsoft to come out with a new Windows Phone 7 device in the Q4 of 2011, as they had realized that Symbian will be enough to take on Apple and Android Manufacturers which was also evident from the fact that Nokia is no longer leading the phone maker.

As you can see the Nokia W9, codenamed Sea Ray, will be coming with the three usual WP7 hardware keys – back, menu and search. The controls on the right are a pretty standard affair, too – volume rocker, power key and a shutter button. Also, we noticed that the unit has  unfinished WP7version of Mango, which should be almost as good as the final deal.

Nokia 703

I believe the Following Leaked Poster says “LCD 480×800 pixels 3.7 inches” next to the “DISPLAY” label and that camera Description looks a lot like “5MP” and “720p@30fps”. As for the memory, it seems like it says 8GB storage and 512MB RAM. If this were the Specification of an Android Device it would now be placed among mid-range segment but it seems to be Nokia’s Best.