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OnLive ushers in the MicroConsole with all-you-can-eat game plan for $10 a month

onliveOnLive wants to be the Netflix of video games, that much is clear, and today it’s rolling out a flat-rate monthly pricing plan called PlayPack to help seal the deal. It’ll cost $9.99 a month when it launches January 15th, giving subscribers access to a back catalog of forty retired and indie titles, including a number of games entirely new to the OnLive service. What’s more, if you bought the company’s $99 MicroConsole, you’ll get access to that entire flat-rate catalog free until the formal launch, meaning you’ll have fourteen full games instantly ready to play the moment you boot it up. OnLive founder Steve Perlman tells us you can pay month-to-month and cancel PlayPack anytime you want, and OnLive will still store your savegames for a full year in case you decide to rejoin — or if you want to mix and match flat-rate and a la carte titles without losing your precious progress. So, when are those MicroConsoles going to arrive? If you were among the first to buy, you could get yours this very afternoon, and Perlman says there are “thousands and thousands of boxes” shipping right now. PR after the break.