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Only 15 Apps to use Push at a Time in WP7 – Microsoft the Bigger Apple

UI-Windows-Phone-7Windows Phone 7 is limited to only 15 apps with push notifications per device in the live tiles. Users who try to add more apps with push notifications will be greeted with an error message that pops up:

“InvalidOperationException(Channel quota exceeded)”

Right now, though, it’s unclear if this limitation applies to apps in general or only to apps within the live tiles. The issue is a known issue, and is documented by Microsoft, leading us to believe that this is the company’s attempt to control and optimize the user experience and extend battery life:

“This exception is raised when either trying to open more than one notification channel per application, or when trying to open more than 15 notification channels per device.”

For all of you who might be wondering what did we Mean by “Microsoft the Bigger Apple” , well Microsoft is following Apple’s lead doing the same right and wrongs apple did with their iPhone, “No Copy Paste” doing what they think is best for the Children (users) and not letting them decide what they want to do with it or customize it as it suits them best.