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Palm Pre 2 outed by SFR: 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, refined design

SFR Palm Pre 2

Palm has kept a pretty tight seal on the Palm Pre 2, with next to nothing about the phone leaking out.  French carrier SFR doesn’t seem to have the same seal, though, as they just posted information about the Pre 2 to their site.  According to them, the Pre 2 will sport a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, a design similar to the Pre but with a “flatter screen” and a “more refined design,” and webOS 2.0 with push capabilities.  In addition, SFR has included the name “Roadrunner” in the name of the image of the Pre 2, meaning that it’s likely that this is the same device that has shown up in various webOS app logs in the past.

We’ve all kind of assumed that the Pre 2 would be powered by a 1 GHz chip and have a form factor similar to its predecessor, but it’s always nice to get confirmation, too.  Considering all of the information we have, it’s pretty safe to say that the P102UEU that recently passed through the FCC is the Pre 2, and that it will be launching in the near future.  Several European carriers, SFR included, have removed the Pre Plus from their sites, indicating that they’re ready to launch the next new thing.  Still, we don’t know exactly when Palm plans to actually launch the Pre 2, so in the mean time we’ll just have to hope for another appearance like the one on SFR’s site.

Via PreCentral, SFR (Image via Engadget)