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Pixar Render on Deman -Render your 3D Files Over the Cloud

Buzz Lightyear Render on DemandBig 3D rendering projects need very High high Config Machines that cost a lot of money and good quality render is a must if you want big project in your Portfolios. Animation Institutes, new ventures and free lancers are usually the ones who suffer by this drawback of not enough power to Render big stuff and this is where PIXAR comes in.

Pixar is offering to do the heavy Rendering for you over the cloud. So you can be anywhere in the world and anytime you want you can get your files rendered.

Render on Demand FAQ as found here

  1. What is RenderMan On Demand?
    RenderMan On Demand is an online rendering service for Pixar’s RenderMan, offering immediate access to the power of the clouds vastly scalable computing resources without the expense of building and running your own render farm. RenderMan On Demand is accessible directly through a service interface developed and administrated by GreenButton, a specialist in cloud service delivery.
  2. When will it be available?
    RenderMan on Demand is available today. The service has already been tested rigorously and has delivered thousands of frames for studios in the beta test program.
  3. Who is this service for?
    RenderMan On Demand is designed to provide studios and individual artists with immediate access to a professionally configured rendering service. Currently, RenderMan On Demand can handle smaller and medium sized projects with a high degree of reliability. Uploading very large datasets still presents some challenges that are currently being addressed. Depending on the complexity of your scenes, we encourage you to test RenderMan On Demand on your own assets to determine its suitability for your pipeline.
  4. How do I use RenderMan On Demand?
    RenderMan On Demand uses the same RIB files and supporting assets that are output from Pixar’s RenderMan Studio or other RenderMan compliant applications. The basic workflow is simple:

    1. Generate your RIB files from your 3D application
    2. Assemble your assets using the RenderMan On Demand file manager.
    3. Upload your files to RenderMan On Demand using the web interface.
    4. Submit your job and select your render priority
    5. Check progress
    6. Download your rendered frames


  5. What operating systems does RenderMan On Demand support?
    RenderMan On Demand currently runs on the Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. Linux support will be added later in 2012 and we invite you to register your interest in advance.
  6. Will assets created on Linux run in the Windows Azure RenderMan On Demand environment?
    Conditionally yes. Standard RIB files created in Linux environments can utilize the Windows Azure RenderMan On Demand service. However DSO’s and other custom programs compiled on Linux will not do so until full Linux support is added later in 2012.
  7. What kind of technical support is available?
    RenderMan On Demand is being launched as a “managed service,” providing you with direct assistance from personnel who will guide you through the process. To ensure that you have the most satisfactory experience, Pixar’s RenderMan team is collaborating with GreenButton who are specialists in cloud computing and who are also familiar with the demands and requirements of production.
  8. Who is GreenButton?
    GreenButton is an award winning global software company specializing in high performance cloud computing, dually headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and Palo Alto, California with a subsidiary office in Seattle, Washington. For more information, please visit the GreenButton website,
  9. How do I purchase RenderMan On Demand?
    Unlike a traditional software license, RenderMan On Demand is purchased in core hours on a pay for use basis. The price includes rendering time, uploads, downloads, and storage charges, all in a single, easy to calculate price. You can pre-purchase RenderMan On Demand hours through any of Pixar’s RenderMan Resellers around the globe, or directly from GreenButton’s RenderMan On Demand Web Site,
  10. How much does it cost?
    Pricing will vary depending on the number of cores per processor and the amount of RAM you need to access. As you only pay for what you use, we believe you will find RenderMan On Demand highly attractive and competitive. Please enquire at for a pricing estimate.
  11. Can I submit priority jobs?
    Yes. One of the advantages of cloud computing is its vast scalability. If you have a super-rush rendering requirement, additional cores can be requested.
  12. How secure is my data?
    GreenButton will ensure that your data is stored in an area accessible only via your authenticated username. GreenButton will undertake all reasonable measures to ensure that your data is kept secret and safe. Pixar’s RenderMan team does not have any access to your assets or rendered images. GreenButton will require that all data movement between virtual machines and storage in the cloud is encrypted with SSL.