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ProTube for iOS – Youtube App, you wish was the Official one

ProTube is available from the Big Boss repository for $1.49 and is compatible with iOS 4 and above. Of course you will need to be jailbroken and have Cydia installed.
ProTube ios iphone apple ipad ipod
The Protube App can do many things, like play Videos in Standard and High Defination, let’s you save any number of videos for offline viewing. The inclusion of AirPlay is something users have to come to expect from an application capable of video playback, and ProTube does not disappoint in this area either, having the ability to stream videos directly to your TV.

The Protube also has a built in adblocker for videos if you don’t like the advertisements that start in the beginning.If you have registered an account on YouTube it will also help you manage you favorite and subscriptions.

One of the more advanced features is the ability to choose to save only the audio of the selected video into an MP3 format which is especially beneficial for music lovers. These saved files are displayed in an easily manageable format with the options to use standard gestures to delete, and rename if you desire. The user also has the option to add the video to camera roll or email through the native mail application if desired.