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PWC claims Indian Animation Industry to rise 23% by 2016

Arjun Indian Animation Film by Disney

According to a report by Price Waterhouse Coopers International Limited (PWC), an international level business consulting firm claimed, that the Indian Animation will get a 23% boost in the next four years.

This means that the value of the industry that was estimated at Rs 18.5 billion in 2009 will now be a whopping Rs 54 billion in the next two years. Indias current source of Income is mainly Outsourcing and since the the incoming work is rising which mean they are probably very good at it.

Lokesh Gupta, director of Academy of Animation And Gaming (AAG), said,

“The animation curriculum is designed in a manner so as to develop creativity among students. It gives requisite thrust on foundation art, 2D/3D animation and multimedia. Regular workshops from industry experts and outdoor classes are held in animation institutes to help students gain knowledge in the field of animation.” He further added, “There is a lot of stress on Interactive Learning Approach (ILA) which makes sure students get involved in the learning process and are able to understand the concept better.”

Piyush Kapoor, head of another Animation Institute Said,

“The past 3-4 years have witnessed a huge growth in the electronic, print as well as web media. The growth of animation industry is exponentially high as the operating cost is far less than the metros and at the same time the manpower here is equally efficient and experienced.”

In the Coming years India Animation will not be just about outsourcing but all more towards independent films made in India and released for the Indian audience, like the upcoming Film Arjuna.

Right now Indian Animation films are mostly about the mythology like Ramayans and Mahabharats, films based on lord Hanuman and lord Ganesha, which isn’t a bad thing but Audience is asking for more. But since that is a tried and tested formula animation studios prefer the safer route.

The rise in the demand for Animation professionals had led to an Increase number of Animation Institutes in the country. If you ask the head of an animation studio where India lacks in Animation he would say lack of quality talent where the rising number of Institutes come in. The Increase in number of Institutes doesn’t mean increase in the number of good quality institutes.

If you are a student or parent looking for a good career oriented Animation course a small harmless piece of advice, do complete research, ask for previous students work, go on Google and type the name of the institute and look for what good/ bad things pop up and if you still have your doubts you can post your questions here.