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Qualcomm’s Newest Creation could make phones Match up to PS3 & XBox

With all this talk about upcoming phones and tablets running on the Tegra 2 processor, you may want to stop and consider the new offering in the Snapdragon line of processors from Qualcomm. Taking a 28-nm dual core beast (MSM8960), the company promises speeds up to five times their current offerings, as well as 75% less lower power usage.

But the real shocker here is the updated GPU, which Qualcomm claims is capable of delivering gaming performance equal to the of an Xbox 360 or PS3.


At present, Qualcomm has been selling the MSM8x60 chipset platform, which consists of the MSM8260 and MSM8660. Based on 45-nm and ARM-based technology, this Snapdragon chipset also makes use of dual-CPU cores running at up to 1.2-GHz.  Qualcomm’s device is being used in smartphones from HTC, Google, among others.

The MSM8960 is also said to be based on ARM, but Qualcomm did not elaborate. Qualcomm licenses the ARM architecture and puts its own spin on the technology. It also did not identify the foundry.

In January, wireless technology company Qualcomm (San Diego, Calif.) said it was working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan) on 28-nm process technology and that it intends to move directly to the advanced process. Qualcomm and TSMC worked together on the 65- and 45-nm manufacturing process technologies.

In July, Qualcomm expanded its foundry roster, by announcing a deal with GlobalFoundries Inc. Initially, GlobalFoundries (Sunnyvale, Calif.) said it intends to provide Qualcomm) with access to 45-nm low-power and 28-nm foundry technologies, with an intended collaboration on future advanced process nodes.