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Reliance Internet Services Block File Sharing/Hosting Websites


Last Friday when when users/ Customers who use Reliance services for Internet got message telling them “this site has been blocked”, complete with a line saying the message has been “copyrighted” by Reliance Entertainment when they tired accessing the popular File Hosting/ Sharing websites.

Cyber Law experts claimed that only (DoT) Department of Telecom is the only Authority that can block website in India.

“Since Friday morning I can’t access any file-hosting websites. Not all web users are pirates. We share legitimate files through websites like Megaupload and Filesonic. Like photographs we have clicked. Blocking of websites is ridiculous,” said Gaurav Shukla, editor of and someone who has been using Reliance broadband for the last six months. The blocking was reported from across India. The same websites were accessible on the networksof other ISPs.

-Times of India

Most of the Email have a limit of 25MB for attachments so if you have a bigger file, you would need such file hosting sites to share it with another user.

This is the second time this year that file-hosting websites have been blocked on the Reliance network. Last time it happened was when Singham, a movie produced by Reliance Entertainment, was released. This time the trigger is reportedly the release of Don 2. Sources said Reliance Entertainment has obtained a “John Doe” order from a Delhi court against the piracy of Don 2 several days before its release. John Doe order, a term that originated in the UK, describes a court injunction that is issued against unknown offenders. It is often used in copyright and IP-related cases.

Cybery Law experts believe that File sharing websties cannot be wholly be responsible for hosting Pirated content as it is the user that uploads the content and most of the Content is removed when claimed, Hence such act can be deemed as illegal on the part of Reliance Communications and Reliance Entertainment.