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RIM gets Yet another Extension in India for avoiding Security Issue

BlackBerry against India

Since 2008 Mumbai attacks RIM has been avoiding, Refusing and insulting the Indian Govt and the Indian and their CEO even went on BBC to say ‘They(Indians) are targeting them(RIM) as they are jealous of their success‘ and what does the so called Coalition Government do, they give them another extension till August 15, 2011. The previous date which the govt said is the last date, the ‘ULTIMATUM’  was May 15,2011 and there were many last dates and ultimatums before which were just ignored by RIM.

Ongoing talks have failed to throw up a solution for interception of Blackberry messenger, chat and corporate email services. “Since RIM had missed its earlier May 15, 2011 deadline, the company has been told to come up with an interception solution by August 15, failing which the government may have to consider suspension of the service,” a top official privy to the talks said.

A government panel examining security threats posed by around 15 forms of communications , including RIM’s BlackBerry services , had suggested that in the short term, India should ask companies offering such encrypted communication services to either locate servers in India or share encryption keys with security agencies. As a long-term solution, it had suggested that the upcoming Central Monitoring System be empowered to intercept all forms of communication . An internal telecoms department note, reviewed by ET, claims “no explicit permission has been given by the government for starting BlackBerry services without setting up a server”.

Source – Economic Times

Now RIM may believe that Indians envy their success but the truth is that During the 26/11 Terror attacks in Mumbai the terrorist used Blackberry services to contact their sources outside who were giving them all the latest news and instructions.  Many people lost their lives. But its not olny RIM that has all the blame to take it is the poor governance by the Indian Govt and lack of initiation from the general public in this matter.