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Rumor: Motorola creating dual-core Tegra 2 superphone with Gingerbread

motorola milestoneMotorola has released a flurry of Android-powered phones recently, but a new rumor suggests that they’re saving their best effort for early next year.  According to Android and Me, Motorola is planning to release a new Android phone powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor.  The device itself has been confirmed to exist, but not much else is know because the phone is allegedly under some heavy NDAs.  This Tegra 2 Android is said to be the flagship Gingerbread device, much like the DROID was for Android 2.0.  Originally thought to be a Verizon exclusive, it’s now rumored that this handset will launch on multiple carriers and will debut at CES in January, possibly as one of VZW’s initial LTE devices.  Finally, it’s rumored that the hardware for this handset is completed and that Moto is waiting to put the finishing touches on the software before they reveal it.

All of these rumors are a lot to swallow at once, but we can break it down.  There have already been rumors of upcoming smartphones and tablets powered by Tegra 2 chips, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Motorola throw one into a flagship phone, especially if it’s going to be the premier Gingerbread device.  Speaking of Gingerbread, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Moto get the opportunity to include the new version of Android in one of their phones considering how well the DROID did with Android 2.0 last year.  We already know that Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is giving the keynote speech at CES in January, and the carrier is planning to have six LTE devices on display at the show.  The part about multiple carriers receiving this Tegra 2 beast is one of the most interesting parts of the rumor, and probably the one that I hope is true the most.  There have been some great Android phones on every carrier, but there are some that desperately need a high-end, powerful Android handset.  What do you all make of these rumors?

Via Android and Me