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SALE-Lost Blackberry Prototype in Dubai for 1500USD

Lost Stolen Blackberry

In 2010 Apple lost an iPhone 4 prototype then the guy who found it said he found it in a bar and then secretly  sold it for 5000 Dollars to a editor of a tech website, followed by a Lawsuit and some tech SWAT breaking his door raiding house and some more lawsuits. This is what happened when Apple’s prototype got lost.

But this time it is RIM who’s BlackBerry Touch 9860 prototype goes for sale in Dubai and so far the company has taken no action to retrieve the device and maybe the won’t as it raises some serious concerns on their security measure. The asking price is 5,500 United Arab Emirates dirhams, which equals about €1,050 or $1500.

So the iPhone went for 5000$ and the blackberry goes for 1500$ still is bit overpriced don’t you think :D, now the listing doesn’t contain the specs of the phone but it is rumored that it will be running the OS 7, running a 1.2GHz CPU and will be ready for launch by the end of  this year by the time there will be quad core phones and dual core phones will be the thing of the lower high segment.

Let’s wait and see how this story unfolds.