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Samsung Denies Nexus 2 Rumor, Maybe it’s Motorola

After the people wgengerbread-android motorola samsung nexus 2he iPhone 4 before it’s launch,Gizmodo, said they had seen the Nexus 2 and it was running android 2.3, the news spread like wildfire and everybody including us reported “Samsung Launching the Galaxy S 2” but a South Korean website reported Samsung saying “It’s Simply Not True“.

Few Week ago we also reported that Motorola is coming out with a dual-core Tegra 2 superphone with Gingerbread, so there is still a possibility that google is planning to launch the Nexus 2/S  along with android 2.3 Gingerbread, but instead of Samsung they may launch it with Motorola. After all it was the motorola Droid/Milestone that made Android Popular and Sanjay Jha(CEO Motorola) was present at the Nexus One Launch(Hosted By Google and HTC) or Maybe Google Like the how Motorola Designs their android phones, Solid Metallic Feel to it and that to very Classy.

Who ever might manufacture the Nexus 2, one thing android fans and users have learned that if you want timely and quick updates  you need the phone that google makes and uses itself ….