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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Rooted-With a Do it yourself Guide

GALAXY-S-IIOne of the most anticipated phone this summer Samsung Galaxy S 2 has been rooted all thanks to the XDA developers.  By rooting your android phone you can make it faster, you can feed your device the latest version of android before your device manufacturer gives out and the main problem with android phones is that they get outdated very quickly so if you device maker stops supporting your device you can root it to give it all the Latest features. You can install custom roms and give the device a whole new user interface while making it more secure with backup.

All these goodies come at a risk, i.e. rooting voids warranty and may brick your device and the only way (usually) to revive your device is to send it to its maker and since you voided the warranty he may charge you big bucks or you may even have to buy a new device.

Since you know the pros and cons of rooting your device just follow the step here to unleash the Dual core monster Samsung has tamed for you.