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Samsung Google Nexus S Hitting UK on Dec-22 for £430

Nexus S UKThe first Gingerbread-powered smartphone, the Samsung-made Google Nexus S, has been selling since 16 December over in the USA and today it’s scheduled to launch in Europe. The device should become available in the Carphone Warehouse UK.

The price in the UK was first said to be £550 (around €650) but apparently we weren’t the only ones that thought it was quite steep so Google decided to cut it down to £430 (nearly €510). This sounds way more reasonable (even if its way higher than the US SIM-free price of the Nexus S, $529 or €400)

The Nexus S Costs 24,019 in the US and 25,661.0393 in the UK  now we wonder how much will it costs when it comes to India.

Google Nexus S will be a bit late and will appear at Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores across the UK on 22 December 2010 instead of the previously scheduled date of 20 December.