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Samsung Overtakes Nokia in it’s Home Land (Western Europe) – IDC

Samsung beat nokia in europe

Samsung 29%, Nokia 28%, Apple 10%, RIM and HTC 8% -IDC

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd  rose to the No. 1 spot in the Western European cellphone market in the first-quarter, overtaking long-term market leader Nokia  on its home turf, research firm IDC said. The Finnish company Nokia has been on the number one spot in Europe the 1990s.

Nokia share has fallen from 41% to 28% since the Arrival of the Market leader in the Smartphone Segment Apple (iPhone).

So What did Nokia Do wrong?

  • Resistance towards Touch Screen Devices

Apple, Samsung, HTC very quickly embraced the the touch Screen and recognized Capacitive touch screens. Nokia even mentioned in their blog that touch screen phones have no future. So they were the last in the touch screen market and by the time they realized that Touch screens are the future, Apple and Android had settled.

  • Symbian Operating Systems

Nokia Loves its Symbian OS, while other Phone manufacturers realized  that Symbian is now outdated and left it for Android and Windows Mobile  Nokia still stuck to the OS. Then they launched their Best device with running Symbian 3 which lagged and was Slow. The biggest problem with Symbian is that it Lags and the phone often Hangs which can only be solved by either restarting or taking out the battery.

Symbian user interface also looks cheap and a touch screen keyboard doesn’t even support have qwerty Input it still uses the same old T9 input found in the non touch phones. The biggest Draw back of the Symbian phones is that they can be upgraded and Symbian is no longer Open source it has pushed the the very little developer support to other platforms and  since Nokia is embracing Windows Phone 7 the current N8 and E7 the best Nokia has don’t even meet a single requirement for the Windows upgrade, in other words outdated out of the box.

  • Outdated Hardware

The hardware inside the their best phones is the same one phones two years ago had, while other manufacturers are working on 1.2GHz dual Core monster with Glass Free 3D display Nokia is still spending money in promoting and marketing a slow outdated sick puppy. While in India Nokia may have created a huge brand loyalty which also restricted to the lower segment phones but abroad where you can get the best phones at a cheaper price on contract people have realized how far behind Nokia is in the competition.

With no actual smartphones in the Market Nokia is relying on N8 the camera phone and E7 the phone with a physical Keyboard to compete against the actual Smartphones. Nokia’s love for Symbian, their EGO to not use Android  and their Ignorance towards potential OS called Meego are the reason Nokia is still loosing market share.

Also many new small Asian brands have come up and have started slowly nibbling it’s way into Nokia’s strong suit the lower segment in India.  Management of Nokia live in disbelief that their Largest Market India is their new home base and is at place where they can’t be beaten, with all major Brands bringing out phones that show people that Nokia doesn’t have a smartphone and the rise of Phone manufacturers in the Lower segment, by the time Nokia realizes this it will be to late in India to.

In the smartphone Segment they need to dump Symbian and instead of making phone with One OS they can be a diverse Manufacturer that produces phones with multiple Platforms like WP7, Android, Meego etc giving the consumer’s widest choice but I know they won’t.