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Scientist Believe that ‘Planet of Apes’ Scenario May Come True


British scientist believe that like in the Movie ‘Planet of Apes’ in the real world Also the Animals (Probably the Monkey Family) may take over the world and rebel against the Human Race.

For those who have not seen the Movie or are unaware of the Story, In the the Movie some genetic tests are conducted on the Apes seeking solutions to some incurable diseases but create a new breed of apes With Human Like Intelligence and then Apes revolt and start a war for Supremacy. Scary?!

Though the Scientist believe that is a long shot and may actually never happen but there is a possibility that it can happen and hence ‘The Academy of Medical Sciences’ have demanded that the Study of Animals containing Human Like Materials need to be regulated to prevent such scenario from happening.

The Research involving the great Apes is OutLawed in Britain but not in many other countries including the United States

DR ROBIN LOVELL-BADGE, GENETICIST FROM THE MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL’S NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH, SAYING: “We felt that there’s potentially a gap in the regulations of animal research, which is containing human material, whether there’s any crossing over of either regulatory boundaries or ethical boundaries because of course the more human genes or cells we put into an animal the possibility is that you might start to alter its properties, its characteristics, in some way.”

The scientists want experiments on animals re-categorised into three separate groups. Category One experiments would feature uncontroversial work, with current regulations sufficient. Category Two would cover a limited number of procedures needing extra scrutiny. A third category includes experiments in which primates might be given human characteristics. These would be banned.