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Setup HP Wireless Printer WITHOUT DRIVERS (MAC)

I have used many HP printers with my mac and never needed to install any drivers from the HP website like you have to for windows. But for this guide I used HP 2540 All in one Printer to Setup.

To use your printer wirelessly all you need to do is connect your HP printer to your home/ Office wifi and all your devices including your smartphones and tablets can access the printer.

How to connect HP printer to Wifi (home/ office)

  • Make sure you are connected to the printer through USB, to check if your printer is installed and setup with your mac, try printing a blank page and just open and any web page or document and press command + P, Or can open printer and scanner option in settings/ system preferences. (If stuck here ask in the comments)

Printer Scanner Mac

  • If you printer is not showing up in the list then click on the plus ‘+’ icon at the bottom left side to add it.
    Add Printer Scanner
  • Once you printer show up in the list, click on ‘Options and Supplies’
  • The click on the third tab from the right called ‘Utilities’ and in that you will find ‘Open Printer Utility Button‘ ,
    Printer setting Mac
  • HP utility window will open, on top 2nd option from the right is that of ‘All Settings‘ click it.
  • At the bottom you find and click the ‘Wireless setup
    Wireless Setup HP
  • On Clicking that you will be asked to select which Wifi you want to connect to, after selecting enter your Wifi Password. ( your computer should be connected to the same Wifi Network as well)
    HP MAC Wifi HP MAC Wifi
  • It will take few minutes to connect, but it will soon connect soon enough.
  • After you press ‘Done‘ you will see a second printer add to the list, that is your wireless printer.

Other Ways

Direct IP method.

HP printer Setting HP printer Setting

  • When you are in HP Utility option, click ‘Network Settings‘ it will show you the direct IP Address of the printer.
  • Type that IP address in your browser, you will be taken to a page containing all options to your printer.
  • If you know your way from there, you can click ‘advanced‘, but if you have not do anything like this before than Select ‘Wireless Setup Wizard‘.
  • After that its fairly simple (If you get stuck, mention in the comments I will help you through it)

HP Direct Connect

Some HP printer also emit their own Wifi Signal, there will be a button on your printer to activate that, usually there is no password, but if there is one you will find it in the booklet. If you don’t find it there, then follow the Direct IP option mentioned above to reset the password.

This option can be used for wireless printing.

I hope this all helps, We are usually always online, so if you need any assistance getting through with it, you can either comment on this post or find us on facebook we will do our best to connect with you as soon as possible.

If you do need drivers, trust you mac, it will download them on its own else you can always visit HP support page.