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Sony Ericsson brings 16 megapixel Cyber-shot S006 cellphone

s006Few days ago we reported of new sensors for cameras for phone being being introduced, Sony Ericsson announced a new phone called the Cyber Shot S006. In addition to all those megapxiels, you’ll also get ISO settings up to ISO 12800, and the rest of the camera’s specs aren’t too shabby either, including a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.3-inch screen (said to be VGA, though we’re assuming it’s actually HVGA or WVGA), and built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. Unfortunately, all of that is paired with Sony’s own proprietary non-smartphone OS and it’s, of course, exclusive to KDDI in Japan for the time being (and only being released next spring).

Why japan only? Well now the myth behind this is that almost every manufacturer launches its phone here to test the adaptability and acceptance by people, Its like selling some prototypes… Phones launched here are some times a small version of the actual product for worldwide launch. Now take this S006 for Example, its just a camera phone, but this may testing of future mega phones by the company, Maybe future android or WP7 phones….