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Sony Ericsson Launch the New “Xperia Play” the PlayStation phone(Pics + Video)

On the Day 1 of MWC Sony Ericsson Launched the Xperia Play or the rumored PSP phone/ the Playstation Phone. This is the Phone that can be SE’s biggest hit or one of its biggest flops.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play features a 4″ FWVGA screen, but strangely is the only one of the newly announced devices not to pack a Reality display. Sony Ericsson says sacrifices were necessary if they were to get all the gaming potential they wanted in the little fella and obviously their latest display technology didn’t make the cut.

And speaking of gaming potential – the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is certainly the device with the best game controls we have seen. You get a D-pad, touchpad (plus, of course, an ample touchscreen) and action buttons.

Now we aren’t particularly sure about the Adreno 205 GPU that’s assisting the 1 GHz Scorpion CPU. We feel that a dedicated gaming device deserved a far superior GPU so it would be able to run more elaborate games.

The hardware

The system features a four inch, capacitive multi-touch screen running at 480 by 854 resolution, and you’ll be able to play 3D games for an estimated five and a half hours. There will be both black and white hardware at launch. Here are the rest of the specifications:

  • Size: 119 x 62 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Phone memory: 400 MB
  • Memory card support: microSD™, up to 32 GB
  • Memory card included: 8GB microSD™
  • Operating system: Google™ Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Scorpion ARMv7

Games will be delivered through the Android Marketplace, and the system will ship with Asphalt Adrenaline 6, Bruce Lee, Star Battalion, The Sims 3, and Tetris preloaded, along with a “legendary” PlayStation title. “More than 50 additional titles from top franchises at leading game publishers will be available for purchase at launch,” the announcement states.

Sony is also very excited about the buttons on the device, calling them “dedicated gaming controls for real console quality game play, including four-way directional keys, recognizable ABCD keys with PlayStation iconography, left/right shoulder keys, and two analog touch inputs for joystick action.”

Sony is promising 60fps playback of these games with the built-in Andreno 205 GPU, and over five hours of game play isn’t bad. This is the phone that’s really going to show off what Sony’s PlayStation Suite is capable of, and may even make iPhone gamers jealous of those built-in buttons.

Seriously, have we noted that we like the idea of a phone with gaming controls?

This should give the Android platform a nice push into the world of gaming, and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on a handset as soon as possible. Still, the pricing on games is going to be key, as iPhone games have carved out a strong niche with touch controls and low prices. Sony needs to be realistic about the cost of these titles, even on a new device.



Full Launch Event


The Phone will be Launched in the US first and so on in different Countries. In the US this phone will be launched on Verizon, the carrier that just got the iPhone 4, Maybe SE is thinking of taking on Apple head on and there is quite a possibility that by the time this phone is launched it will be time for the iPhone 5 to ” Change Everything… Again”

This day marks the moment when SONY ERICSSON officially (indirectly) made clear that they rather come out with a new device rather than updating the old one. Example? well the New line of Xperia Devices are on android 2.3 when the older line is just on android 2.1 without basic android features and carpy UI on top of it.