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Sony Ericsson Now Teasing X10 Users with and another Update Video Trailer

android X10 user
android X10 user - TGcomic

Sony Ericsson is not used to giving good after sale service or updates to their phones, Instead they prefer spending on advertising and promotion of the phone. Here is another example proving my point. This time they have posted a video showing what you will get when you install android 2.1, i guess that is why they call it teaser trailer.

Now android phones now usually come android 2.1 out of the box and are getting android 2.2 updates. There phones that have been on android 2.2 for months now and now are sold with android 2.2 already installed.  Its ironic when you open the video the voice over says “If you haven’t updated yet, Please…”

Here’s the summary – the camera will get 720p video recording with continuous autofocus, there are some changes to the UI (the lockscreen, 5 homescreens instead of 3, etc.), an improved keyboard and Timescape. There’s also a backup and restore app. That plus the goodies inherent to Android 2.1, namely access to more apps (those that support only versions 2.1+) . No Sign of multitouch and Live wallpapers as of yet…