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Sony Ericsson X10 android 2.1 Update Delayed in US- May take Months

X10 fb up delayedThis is so funny, X10 android 2.1 update is Delayed again (times infinity). Sony Ericsson claims that Android 2.1 update for X10 in under Testing and “In the U.S., the testing process is especially rigorous and can take MONTHS to complete“, which I think is an excuse for being incompetent. X10 is their main featured product and still its on Android 1.6 while the Android phones in the same range are at least on android 2.1 and many of them got the 2.2 update few months ago. Sony is rumored to launch the PlayStation phone  in the Q1 next year which was found running android 2.2 and since Google is having an Event in December it’s expected to come out with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I don’t know why SE treats its customers as if they hate them, I personally have used a SE phone for a year and that phone did boast many things but in the real world was just really Outdated…. They should focus their time, money and other resources on customer satisfaction rather getting expensive female actors and singers as Bran Ambassadors. Are you still willing to get a phone from SE?