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Sony Xperia X12 “Anzu” leaked, Will be Launched With Gingerbread Q1 next year

Poor old Sony Ericsson fans; as soon as their X10s get updated to Android 2.1, a new phone leaks out to let them know that end-of-life for their tragically neglected handsets is not far off. However, with this shiny new leaked photograph of the “Anzu”, X10 owners can at least take some solace in the fact that even Sony Ericsson’s test devices are running outdated versions of Android, despite being rumoured to run Gingerbread on release.


As for the device’s hardware, the X12 can be seen to take some cues from the Droid X and EVO 4G, ticking off the same 4.3″ screen and HDMI output in a slimline body. The X10 family were never bad looking phones, and the X12 resembles its predecessors with the same black slate and silver button layout we are all so familiar with.


Here’s another interesting bit of gossip to take with you: we’ve heard from a couple of reliable sources close to the matter that the Anzu lies in the same category as the PlayStation Phone “Zeus” (also on Gingerbread but lacking the Xperia branding), and that they’re being tested alongside each other. Whether this is an indication that the mystical Z-System gaming platform is heading to the Anzu, we don’t know, but it makes sense given that both upcoming SE devices appear to bear the same screen size, or at least the same aspect ratio. Either way, we’re told the pair will be officially announced some time before or shortly after Christmas, which again supports Xperia X10 Blog’s leak. Time to stock up on some fine champagne, folks — looks like 2011 is going to be a good year.

Xperia X10 Blog’s just posted a few more lovely pics of the Anzu, and boy it sure is thin — check out the profile shot after the break. The site’s also just heard that said phone can capture 1080p video and will have a front-facing camera