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SOPA & PIPA supporters Fight Internet Portests with TV ADS

Effects of SOPA and PIPAThe group the jointly represents NBC Universal, Viacom, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, and others in the TV and movie business, launched a new TV commercial today supporting SOPA and PIPA. A national print and radio campaign will follow.

“With the opponents of the bill trafficking in misinformation, fear tactics and public relations stunts like blacking out their websites—in essence censoring the Internet themselves—we thought it more important than ever to get the message out that these bills are reasoned, narrow, effective and necessary measures to combat foreign rogue sites which are preying on American consumers and costing American jobs,” said Mike Nugent, Executive Director of Creative America in a statement.

-Creative America

It is clear that Creative America doesn’t have the numbers on their side is the have only 12,000 likes on their facebook page and 1,622 Twitter followers to support their cause.

But the White House petitions against SOPA and PIPA attracted 100,000+ people—and Google’s anti-SOPA petition today has already attracted 4.5 million signatures.