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Story of GeoHot, One of the Best White-Hat Hackers of Today!

TG geohot

The New Yorker recently did a detailed life story on George Hotz A.K.A. Geohot the guy who wrote his first computer program at the age of Five sitting in in his Dad’s lap, the first guy to ever unlock an iPhone and the first guy to jailbreak the Sony Playstation 3’s most bragged about system.

By fifth grade, he was piecing together his own games console using an electronic-projects kit from Radio Shack. He gutted most of the electric appliances around the house in search of inspiration, and when he turned fourteen, he fended off competition from thousands of students to reach the finals of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

For those who do not know much about the guy, he was the guy who first unlocked the first iPhone launched in 2007 just because he wanted it to work on his carrier (T-Mobile) he then posted a Video Online on youtube show how he did it and what he did. Over Night he became a media favorite as the “Teen who beat Apple”.

Geohot Auctioned his iPhone for a Ferrari and 3 new iPhones, and later even bought a Mercedes from the donations he got from people whoe used is software and methods

Later, he would make an appearance on the Today Show with a small, wheeled robot he created, which was capable of plotting the dimensions of a confined space by utilizing infrared sensors.

After dropping out of college, he spent most of his time back at home, exploring and exploiting gadgets. He would regularly receive devices from those within the community, and he made an even bigger name for himself when somebody sent him a PlayStation 3 in December 2009, and on Boxing Day, he blogged:

The PS3 has been on the market for over three years now, and it is yet to be hacked . . It’s time for that to change.

He was also the first person the Hack the PS3’s so called unhackable and most secure system which at that time was not as an easy task to achieve even for the pro’s in the Hacking field. Again he did, he posted all the instruction and the Code online which was followed by a law suit by Sony. During that time Geohot even made a RAP video message to Sony that did get over a million views on youtube but the Judge gave a restraining order from Hacking and sharing information related to the Playstation or any other Sony Product.

This stired a war between a group called Anonymous and Sony, where they put down a the PSN network and  stole the information stored for about 70Million users and caused a loss of millions of dollars to Sony.

Geohot has even worked with the big guys like Google and Facebook but neither lasted even a year.

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