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Students of Lovely Professional University develop a Driver Less Car

Google Self Driving Car - TechGoggles

Four students of Lovely Professional University, pubjab Bikas (MTech ECE), Lokesh Ramina (BTech ECE), Rahul Jain (Mech engg) and Suvendu (Mech engg) have successfully designed a car that can be controlled using a mobile phone from any part of the world and also has both Manual and Autopilot mode built into it. The experiment was done on an electrically operated car and they also claimed that ti would work on any other car as well. The car has been successfully completed 1000KMs (by successful I think they mean No Crash) and the car is also is equipped with Night Vision and child lock that have also been successfully been tested.

“We are very happy on the success of our future car. We collaboratively devised the car utilising the internet , mobile phone, laptop, C+ programming language, microcontroller board with ATMEGA 128 IC under the electrical control circuit. Many a time, we got help and moral boost from our mentors when we faced hurdles in the project.”

LPU Students

“The car, using a wide variety of sensors will be easily able to detect pedestrians, objects which will allow the car to slow or stop suddenly. As a computer is far more precise and subject to fewer errors than a human, accident rates may reduce when these vehicles become available to consumers. This driverless technology would lead to fewer traffic jams and safer roads.”

Ashok Mittal , chancellor, LPU

Google has had a self driving car project for few years now and the latest news is they are soon going to make a move in the consumer market soon.