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Survey Reveals iOS Users the happiest followed by Android & Blackberry users Unhappiest

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A Recent survey conducted by Change Wave Research has revealed that Apple or iOS device rank at the top in term of customer satisfaction with over 70% of the user claiming they are happy with their investment, followed by Android with 50% happy droid owners, 27% Satisfied people for Windows OS and 26% for RIM.

The researcher combined the Data of the new Windows Phone 7 user and the Data of the old Windows version, the pre WP7 era, which clould be the reason that WP7 got such a bad Score. Other Analyst have ranked Windows Phone 7 OS above Android at 57% customer satisfaction but since there are very less users of the new Window’s operating System and since lesser Population leads to significant changes it means that Approximately of half of the WP7 owners a satisfied and user being less mean lesser Happy people.

The research also concluded that while the customer satisfaction has been rising for iOS and Android it has been falling steeply of RIM and since the developer announced that they don’t want to support RIM lack of support to older devices and different configuration for every phone and to top all that they are usually behind the market with out dated technology.


The Apple iOS and Google Android OS continue to dominate preferences for mobile operating systems, according to the latest ChangeWave survey results.

Going forward, the Apple iOS remains the number one preference for buyers – with 46% of those planning to buy a smart phone in the next 90 days saying they prefer to have the Apple iOS on their new phone, up 2-pts since the March survey.