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Tag Heuer Meridiist Android Phone summary

tag heuer android phone

AG Heuer Tries Their Hand At Designing A Phone

TAG Heuer is a Swiss Company known for making and designing luxurious, beautiful watches. Now, they want to crossover to the smart phone market with their recently created Android-based device – the Android Link Smartphone. This phone is the first Swiss Luxury Smartphone. It runs on the Android 2.2 version, and comes with an internal memory of 256MB and an 8Gig memory card. It has a 5 mega-pixel HD camera, access to as many as 250,000 applications and 11 hours of music playback.

Android Link Smartphone Comes At A High Price

The Android Link Smartphone is an expensive piece of technological beauty — it is priced roughly at US$6,750 and is available starting this July. It has different elegant and unique designs to choose from. You can have your Smartphone device encased in a steel, 18 carat gold, or titanium. The accent and trim can also be chosen: from rubber, calf-skin, lizard, alligator, carbon leather trims and other more materials.

Android Link Smartphone One Of A Kind

You will never go out of style with this phone. There are many accents, trims and cases to choose from. One other thing that makes this phone look so classy is the TAG Heuer Trademark – the traditional watch winder, which looks like a crown, is situated on the side of the phone. There is no denying that TAG Heuer has once again made a device of elegance, beauty and class. This phone is as gorgeous as they come; when compared to other phones, this phone is more beautiful and impressive by a long shot. Well, unless you will look too closely.

Android Link Smartphone Far From Perfect

For a long time, TAG Heuer has made high-quality watches.  They haven’t made a cellular phone before, however, which explains some shortcomings the Smartphone suffers from. This device is very pretty impressive to look at, but there isn’t anything else going for it. It runs on an old Android 2.2 version and has a very low interior memory. You could say that this phone has more style than substance. With that being said, there have been rumors that TAG Heuer will release another Smartphone that is better technologically.

This article is about the new TAG Heuer Android-based device. This device is called the Android Link Smartphone. Many are amazed at how great this product looks. It is elegant, sophisticated and durable. But just like any other product, it does have its cons. One example of the shortcomings this product has is its lack of built-in memory. Nevetheless, this product is worth looking out for just for its great looks, which certainly no other phone can emulate.

tag heuer android phone