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Tata to Replace Old Nano’s Starter Motor with a new one for FREE!

Tata Motors Nano

Tata Motors is offering 1.40Lakhs Tata Nano owners to get their car’s old stater motor replaced with a new one for Free. This is India’s biggest replacement exercise in the History Automobile Industry. The Tata representatives claim that it is not a recall, its’s just a small upgrade to the car.

The company said it is changing the old starter motor with a new and ‘better’ one, an exercise that will reportedly to cost the firm around Rs 110 crore.

“We have devised a better starter motor and so we are upgrading it in our old Nanos for improved performance. We have not received any complaint for this and this is not a recall,” a Tata Motors spokesperson said.

The company started the exercise in October and has already replaced the starter motor in about 50,000 Nano units, he added.

When asked about the total number of cars that will be covered under this replacement activity, the spokesperson said: “We will change the part in all the old Nanos that were sold before launching the Nano 2012 in November.”

Tata Motors has sold a total of 1,40,428 Nano units till November, 2011, since the car’s launch in 2009.

Call it a recall or an upgrade or anything else, never before has a Automobile Company exchanged a part for a Car as just a free upgrade. So either there is some problem with that thing or Tata is a very Generous company who think long term customer loyalty a safer bet.

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