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Tech V/S Comman Sense – Tourists follow GPS into the sea

TechGoggles- Hyundai Gets In Australian SeaOnce upon a time (this Thursday) three Japanese tourists went to Australia  rented a car and decided to DRIVE to the North Stradbroke ISLAND.

The Bayside Bulletin and Redland Times report that the three, despite the presence of lots and lots of water between their origin and intended destination, took their rented GPS unit at its word and drove across a stinking sub-tropical mudflat with the intention of reaching ISLAND, some 15 kilometres away.Their planned adventure to Straddie ended at 11am and the incoming tide soon forced them to seek help and abandon the vehicle. By 3pm the car was stranded in two metres of water and the subject of much amusement from onlookers on the shore and passing boat and ferry traffic.

One of the tourists said the GPS insisted the drive was possible, so they followed its advice.

“It kept saying it would navigate us to a road. We got stuck . . . there’s lots of mud.”

The place they were going to is called the Noth Stradbroke ISLAND, the word Island clearly stands for land surrounded by water from ALL SIDES, but maybe they trusted the GPS system more than the English language, maybe because it was Japan made. I guess even more than their eyes!

An incoming tide didn’t help matters and the end, when it came, was wet, sticky and embarrassing. An auto club tow truck was unable to retrieve the rented vehicle. Though the vehicle was a Hyundai Getz and it was insured but still the tourist had to pay 1500 dollars as the remaining charge.

The three students will fly home to Tokyo on Saturday. “We want to come back to Australia again. Everyone is very nice, even today,” Yuzu said. Tomonari said even though their holiday had ended on an unusual note they were happy no one was injured. “It has rained every day on our six day holiday. Hopefully next time we come back it will be sunny,” he said.