My name is Angad Singh and I am the Founder and Editor of www.techgoggles.in
which is a website that provides all the Latest News, Review, How to Guides &
tips, comics all this and much more related to Technology.

TechGoggles.in is  only 4 years old and we receive around an average of 2000+ unique visitors
a week. We are Planning  to expand our reach to get greater views and hence we will soon be introducing a Two Features into

1. TG-Shopper’s Guide

Where we will help a buyer  chose a product that suits his
need and budget and then suggest him  Shop Retailers and Online retailers and Your Product/Store can be among them. TG Shopper’s Guide will include Forums where users can discuss with other user
about the product and take their Reviews and recommendations.

2. TG-Video Review

The Second Feature we will be introducing and which will also assist in TG
Shopper’s Guide will be TG Video Review in addition to the written reviews
(which also being soon implemented on a larger scale).
TG Video Review will be on our YouTube Channel where we will be reviewing the
latest Products/ Gadgets on video.
3.  TG-Deal of The WEEK

In this feature, every week one gadget will be selected as the “TG-Deal of the Week” and will be Showcased on our website and the Top Right sidebar (on every Post and Page). “TG-Deal of the week” Represents that the product selected is one of the best in it’s class and also has a great value for Money.

So how does TechGoggles Benefit Your Product/Store?

1. TechGoggles is Looking for partners to launch Along its new Features, for
example in the TG Shopper’s Guide where will recommend buyers where they can get
the product we will  mentions Your Product/Store as our trusted partner and you can
provide us with  discount codes which we will forward to our user hence
Promoting  Your Product/Store

2. Whenever we post news/Reviews related to products available on Your Product/Store
we will include “you can buy it at Your Product/Store” ad at the bottom of the post

3. We can also place an ad of few seconds at that starting and at the end in
our TG Video(s) which will also be promoting Your Product/Store.

4. Your Product/Store can feature a section under the Products called “Expert Review”
featuring the Products Reviewed by TechGoggles. TechGoggles product review will have an Indian Touch in the video reviews.The reviews can also be shared at the store with a buyer which further help him/her in choosing a product which provides maximum satisfaction.

5. If the Your Product/ Product From your Store get’s featured in TG-Gadget of the week you will have the opportunity to display Ads/ Offer related to that product on our Page.

For Example You are selling a phone X, along with the review of product X we will also test the signal strength of different carriers on that product, what features does it support from that carrier and 2G + 3G speed test from Different Networks.

So what are the Requirements for Partnering with TechGoggles?

1.  We are looking for partners that can provide TechGoggles with Review units
for TG Video Review Section, which you can courier us or we are willing to come
to your office/Store, which can be negotiated and arranged according to both our
2. You can provide us with some exclusive discount codes, and when somebody
uses that Code, we share a percentage in that transaction or something
Similar. For Example for every X number or Products  we assist in selling we get y%
commission or a Product of Z value, Similar to the Affiliate Program.
3. Everything is Negotiable and we are open for business for any Further
Information feel free to Contact me, on what do you think about everything.

Thanks and Regards
Angad Singh
Founder & Editor