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The new CDMA/ Verizon White iPhone 4/5 images leaked – Fake or Real?

Apple has taken the White iPhone 4  off the Apple website, and it may not be able till the summer next year. The new image leaked shows that apple was indeed working on a new design, you will notice that like the previous design it doesn’t have the Antenna gate design, no MicroSim card slot on the right and a verizon label where it displays the carrier name and signal Strength(AT&T user will be happe to see that the Signal Strength is LOW).

The following images can be fake, or even photoshopped, but we will have to wait see what happens…

White iPhone4
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What’s on the image?

1. The lack of a SIM card slot (Verizon doesn’t use SIM cards)
2. A new antenna design (Goodbye Antennagate)
3. The Verizon symbol as a network in the upper left of the screen.

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