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The new HTC Sense 3.0 only for newer Dual Core Phones – HTC

Well like Many others we were to excited to see the new HTC sense 3.0 3D like Interface and again like many others we were exited to try them on the new and old HTC Desire(s) (Desire /S/Z/HD) and the Incredible S but that happiness was short lived when HTC announced on their twitter account that all the Non-Dual core or in other words phone launched before the HTC Sensation will not get the newer awesome  user interface even those phones that were launched with the HTC Flyer and few weeks before the Sensation will not get the update, I know sad, but true.

HTC sense 3.0 news

HTC later cleared out that the older HTC devices will be getting the update but not all the features. Kind a like that Apple said about the iPhone 3G when the launched iOS 4 but they outdated the iPhone 3G after 2 years but it took only weeks for HTC to declare their phones OUTDATED….

HTC sense 3.0 news

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