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The Next Macbook Line up will Have Retina Display

Apple Macbook Pro 2012 Awesome

While the speculations on the size of the display of the next iPhone and iPad don’t die we have a new rumor that is storming the internet, it’s about the new additions to the next Macbook line up.

The rumors are that the next set Macbooks that are supposed to come at the WWDC’12 will be having the retina Display, which in simple terms is double the resolution of Full HD, like double Full HD (1080P) like the current New iPad and will be higher than any laptop in the market.

Other rumors include that Macbook Pro will be thinner than it’s before, not as this as the Macbook air but thinner than it’s now (just hope there is no compromise in performance) and it will also be supporting a USB 3.0 which would also be a first time feature for any Mac computer. Last but not the least they will be running on the Latest Intel’s 3rd Generation processors.

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