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The Next XBOX coming 2013 and it’s 6 Times faster than XBOX 360

xbox 2160 TG

Xbox 720 or Xbox Loop or whatever name Microsoft decides to call it’s next Gaming machine, sources close to IGN & Engadget claim it it be six times faster than the current Xbox 360 console. If that is true the can probably call it Xbox 2160 (360 x 6).

What makes the Xbox six times Faster?

The Xbox is supposed to to pack the AMD Radeon 6000 Series GPU, probably the HD6670 GPU that supports Direct X 11, multi display output, 1080P full HD and 3D viewing.

AMD Radeon 6670 XBOX 2160 TG

How do we confirm the Reports?

If these rumors are true and the Xbox is to be released at the E3 next year Microsoft should start production by the end of this year and Microsoft will want Games that can use of the upgraded hardware so the developers should start receiving development kits and accurate specifications by August this year.

What about Kinect 2?

There has been no news on that yet, but their are reports that the next Xbox’s increase in performance will help increase the resolution of the Kinect from 640 x 480 so that in can notice and record more details and will also increase it response speed, which will result in more Kinect Games and and better gaming experience.