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Three Way to unlock your any iPhone 4 on any iOS & Baseband Without jailbreak

iphone 4 UnlockAre you one of those people who have been using the iPhone as an iPod touch, just because you accidentally upgraded your phone’s baseband or  bought the Phone with an unlockable Baseband? Well if you are tired of waiting for the Dev team to actually bring out an unlock on date they Themselves promised, then its your Lucky Day because we have Made a List of ways to Unlock your iPhone 4 with any baseband(Including 02.10.04, 03.10.01 & 04.10.01) and iOS (Including 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x) AND we also tell you how you can get them in INDIA!!!

1. Gevey Sim


The method requires you to buy a Sim adapter called the Gevey Sim in which you insert your Micro Sim. Now this method is illegal in some countries as it required you to dial the Emergency number 112 but many user who have Already tried this method claim it to be working fine. Also every time you restart/ Reboot your phone you will have to follow the Steps again.

Click Here to know where/how you can get Gevey Sim in India

Price(INR) : 2500 – 5000 (50 – 100USD)

2. CutYourSim


Company CutYourSim, specialized in SIM cutters and adapters for the has launched tonight a new service that promises to provide a permanent iPhone unlock solution that doesn’t need jailbreak, additional software or hacks. The company claims their method will carry on forever through any iOS or baseband update, so users don’t have to worry about updating to the latest version of iOS. More importantly, CutYourSim says it doesn’t affect your iPhone’s warranty status “because this is an official iPhone unlock.” (Click here to Know how it works).

Now what they do is, that they take your IMIE number and in 3 to 4 days unlock your phone remotely, so All you have to do is Pay them, give them the Details and relax. Now where have we heard this kind of service where you pay somebody in the internet give them your precious details (IMIE no. in this case) and then just wait for it… Can’t remember, do you?

Experts Believe that they unlock the phone from the carrier side and it is a Possibility that apple may ask carrier to look in to which could lead to that the phones they unlocked can get locked again (waste of money) or if this gets Mr. Jobs mad that iPhone owners are using the phone in ways he doesn’t want them to, he could remotely Lock your Phone or Even Brick it.

But there is a Bright side to all this, there is a Possibility that even if Apple decides to close this procedure the people who locked their phones before that using this method may end up getting a factory unlocked phone for the Rest of their Life.

Where can you get this Unlock at :

Price(INR) :7500+ (169USD)

3. Rebel Sim


Rebel Sim also like the Gevey Sim requires you to buy an Sim Adapter in which you insert your sim, but unlike Gevey it doesnt Require you to Unlock the Phone using the 112 Dialing method. To Know How Rebel Sim Works click here.

The Rebel Sim is Available here for purchase.

iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Lite Micro SimCard : £29.99 (INR 2,142.14)

iPhone 4 Unlock Rebel Pro Micro SimCard + iPhone 4 Sim Tray £39.99 (INR 2,856.43)

Gevey Sim and Rebel Sim have Both been tried in India so Its a Possibility that it work fine, while as for CutYourSim we are still waiting for Reviews from People who have used this service.

Rebel Sim is the Cheapest and also better than Gevey Sim, on the other hand if CutYourSim Method turns out to be legit/ Working fine then though its the most expensive one it will last forever and doesn’t require any type of hardware for it.

Have you Tried any one of the following methods? If not, Which one are you thinking of?

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