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Top 5 Features of iOS 5 that Android Already Has

iOS 5 Features

For Apple fans the Feature all the new Features are Magically but if you ask a Android Fan about these features he will say we Already have them but true tech fan and a Android user will Admit or knows in his Heart Apple does it better. Here is the list of things the Android users are used and Apple users are waiting to use.

1. Cloud Synchronization. iPhone users had pseudo-sync with MobileMe, which Apple is retiring, but it was nothing like what Google offers Android users. On Android phones, signing into the Google account syncs up all the search and information giant’s services and when switching phones also restores apps, settings and personalized features, like desktop wallpaper. With iOS 5 and iCloud, iPhone users will get most of the sync benefits Androiders have long enjoyed.

2. Notifications Center. Apple gets the Applause for better presentation, but Google had the concept first. Just about Android’s best user interface feature is the notifications bar across the top of the phone’s screen. Now, instead of annoying notifications that interrupt or are lost in numerical count on an app in another screen, iPhoners can NOW enjoy the convenience of notifications collected in one place and pulled down for easy reference.  I guess this could be the reason Apple will say welcome back to the users who had switched to Android.

3. Over-the-air updates. Apple has made iPhone slave to iTunes for far too long. How ridiculous that iPhone users have to plug in to a computer to update. Androiders have long enjoyed the convenience of OTA. It’s about time Apple cuts the update cord that binds the iPhone chain gang. Free them! Freedom!

4. Photo sharing. Android users know the many benefits of using an open system, where developers are allowed to tap into the platform capabilities. One of my pet iOS peeves: Photo sharing. On Android, from the camera or photo gallery, I can send photos to any supported service installed on the phone. So if I want to take a photo and send to Twitter, Android let’s me do that from the camera. Oh, but not iOS. Apple presents sharing options for its services but none other.

That will change with iOS 5, which will take Apple’s grubby hands off and let third-party apps grab on. Photo sharing will be available from the camera and photo gallery. But why wait, when Android has your back? Today.

5. Twitter. On Android, Twitter is perhaps too much of a good thing. Who really wants to sync Twitter with their contacts? Twitter, like many other apps, can tap deep into Android — like the aforementioned photo sharing. Apple is following Google, but I must concede going seemingly deeper. Androiders can tweet from some apps, like the browser and YouTube, a capability iPhoners will get from Twitter being integrated into iOS 5.