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Unofficial Gingerbread update with HTC Sense 2.1 out for HTC Desire Z & G2


Some Time ago the Official Android 2.3 ROM of the new HTC Wildfire S was Leaked, and as expected it was a matter of time when the Talented Android Developers would get a port ready for other android devices. This time it is the HTC Desire Z / G2 (in USA), that has got the unofficial Android 2.3 treatment.

Just Like any other Official update it has some issues at first. The new SenseGinger 1.0 ROM looks very nice but Team Villain still has some issue to work out before  the build is ready to consume by most of those who follow ROM development.  Some of the issues include camcorder crashing when pressing the record button, Bluetooth not working, HTC Hub login failure, and the question mark key on the keyboard not being functional.

It’ll probably be a week or two before Team Villain squashes the major bugs, but we have high hopes since their current Android 2.2 HTC Sense ROM is one of the best you can find for the HTC Vision.


Source: VillainROM

I, and Team Villain, are proud to present you with the first Gingerbread Sense ROM for HTC Vision. This rom is basically a merge of the Huashan leak and the Wildfire S leak (credits to 911sniper for both), which means that it includes all the HTC Sense goodies.

Now on to the release. As you might expect there are a couple of things that are not working, some being more critical than others. I’ll try to keep the list below as up-to-date as possible, so please read that before reporting any bugs.
* Fixed not being able to install apps from sdcard

Known issues:
* Camcorder hangs when pressing record
* Bluetooth does not work
* HTC Hub fails to log in
* The “card” mail widget does not work
* Landscape mode in Sense is bugged (thanks to HTC for this), I would advice against using this too often
* Question mark doesn’t work on hardware keyboard

Install instructions
To flash this ROM, you will NEED to have ClockworkMod 3.0 installed, which manages EXT4 partitions.

1. Download ClockworkMod 3.0 from here
2. Boot the phone into Fastboot mode by holding Volume Down and pressing power
3. From terminal/command prompt, type:
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

OR… alternatively, just fastboot boot into CWM 2.X to revert to a Froyo backup.

4. Boot into recovery (adb reboot recovery … or Hold camera and press power)
6. Install Zip from SD Card, and select


Download links


ROM :…0/download.php